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Tinting Papers (96 Pieces) - US Brow Code
  • Tinting Papers (96 Pieces) - US Brow Code

Tinting Papers (96 Pieces)

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These Tinting Papers have been specifically designed for tinting lashes. Each package includes 96 pieces. 


Step #1 - For tinting of the eyelashes, make sure the client removes contact lenses if needed then remove two Eye protection papers.

Step #2 - Put some skin protection cream on the customers lower lid and underside of the eye protection papers.

Step #3 - Press one of the eyelash protection papers right up under the eyelashes of each eye to ensure that no tint touches the skin.

Step #4 - Please use an application stick to apply the tint until covered.

Step #5 -Application times vary 5-12 minutes depending on the desired intensity and results.