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Brow Lamination Wrap - US Brow Code
  • Brow Lamination Wrap - US Brow Code

Brow Lamination Wrap

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Dimensions: 42mm x 200mm

Say goodbye to cutting plastic wrap to size for brow lamination! The Brow Code Lamination Wrap is sized perfectly and eliminates waste. The box is designed with a sharp edge to aid in tearing away each section of wrap.


Step #1 - Apply Brow Code’s Lustre Brow Adhesive evenly throughout your client’s brow in a thin layer. Use a disposable spoolie brush to comb and fix the hairs in place in an upward direction. Ensure you are setting the brow in the exact direction you wish to laminate the hairs in. 

Step #2 - Apply a pea-size amount of Brow Code Lustre Step 1 - Brow Perming Solution to one brow at a time using a dry cotton tip. Take care to keep the solution to the hair area only. Cover brows with Brow Wrap to ensure the hairs are fixed in an upright position. Leave for 5-9 minutes (see hair timing guide below).

Step #3 - Remove the Brow Wrap and remove Step 1 with a dry cotton tip. Apply a pea-size amount of Step 2 - Brow Fixing Solution to both your client’s brows with a new cotton tip. Cover again using Brow Wrap to fix the hairs into place. Leave on for 5-9 minutes.

Step #4 - Remove the Brow Wrap and remove Step 2 with a dry cotton tip.  If desired, here is when you would apply Brow Code Tint, we suggest using the 122 Define & Line Brush for application of colour and leave tint for a shorter period of time as the lamination process will make hair porous. 

Step #5 - Apply Step 3 - Brow Keratin Nourish to both your client’s brows. Use a generous amount to ensure this is applied to the hair and the skin. Remove after 2 hours with a dry cotton tip or pad.

​Step #6 - Use Brow Gold Oil to nourish their skin and hair daily. This will prevent your client’s hair from drying out and curling. Purchase Brow Gold separately.