About Us

Founder and CEO of Brow Code, celebrity eyebrow stylist Melanie Marris, began her pioneering journey with an incredible passion for beauty and a strong drive for success. From launching her first boutique brow styling salon in Perth Australia, to now running an internationally recognised brow empire, Melanie Marris has turned her eye for perfection and her wealth of experience into the innovative and unique brow styling product line, Brow Code. Built on the insights of delivering more than 250,000 brow styling services to clients across the globe at Melanie Marris Eyebrow Stylist Studios, Brow Code delivers products painstakingly created just for you by industry ground breaker Melanie Marris herself.

Brow Code has been leading the way in the brow styling game since 2016. Our revolutionary range of brow-focused products is developed to the highest of standards, exceeding the expectations of professional stylists and DIY enthusiasts worldwide. We have raised the bar in brow styling, which is why our products are stocked by over 100,000 salons and retailers worldwide.

We have grown by always paying the utmost attention to quality. Every product is tried and tested by Melanie Marris, ensuring each formula offers high-performing results and a flawless finish. Covering all aspects of Brow Styling, we have developed the Brow Code line to meet the growing demands of consumers across the world to create and maintain the perfect brow. When people found themselves unable to visit their local salons, Brow Code developed a range of At Home Kits that were the first of its kind to launch in the beauty industry. Creating these kits, along with our amazing after services products has enabled our consumers to perfect and maintain their brows all year round. Our obsession is helping you look and feel your best every day.

As demand across the world for Brow Code has grown, so has our product line and our efforts to bring you the best. Here at Brow Code we have been working tirelessly to get you the incredible products worldwide styling pros use through our new retail launches, including the availability of Brow Code in Mecca, Australia’s leading beauty retailer. From tint, henna, and lamination kits to cosmetics and styling accessories, Brow Code truly offers an end-to-end product line for professionals and consumers alike.

Trend-driven and addicted to quality, we at Brow Code have been moving from strength to strength, with our growing range of eyebrow styling products featured not only in thousands of salons, but also on beauty leaders including Desi Perkins, Anastasia Karanikolaou, Victoria Villarroel, Christine Quinn, Shani Grimmond, Grace Piscopo - just to name a few. Brow Code is on the fast track to dominating the Brow beauty scene worldwide, and we want to share our success with you. Bring the magic and glamour of Melanie Marris into your life with Brow Code.