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Advanced Lustre Lamination Kit - US Brow Code
  • Advanced Lustre Lamination Kit - US Brow Code

Advanced Lustre Lamination Kit


FINALLY! You can now have perfectly lifted brows every day thanks to our Advanced Lustre Lamination Kit. This lamination kit has everything you need to achieve feathery, full, fluffy, and voluminous eyebrows from the comfort of your own home. If you’re tired of using a brow gel every day to achieve your desired brow look, then this lamination kit might be just what you’re looking for. 

Each step of the lamination process has been carefully formulated to create the perfect product for long-lasting and effective results. It has been specifically designed with simplicity and ease in mind - create salon brows yourself with this easy-to-follow lamination kit. 

The Lustre Lamination Kit offers approximately 15-18 services. With the correct aftercare, the lamination results will last 6 to 8 weeks. 

The Advanced Lustre Lamination Kit Includes:

  • Lustre Brow Adhesive (water-soluble brow adhesive used to fix hairs in place prior to the Lustre Brow Lamination)
  • Brow Perming Solution 10ml
  • Brow Fixing Solution 10ml
  • Brow Keratin 10ml
  • Brow Wrap 

We also recommend purchasing our Brow Gold Nourishing Growth Oil along with this Lamination kit in order to provide the full recommended experience.


Step #1 - Apply Brow Code’s Lustre Brow Adhesive evenly throughout your brow in a thin layer. Use a disposable spoolie brush to comb and fix the hairs in place in an upward direction. Ensure you are setting the brow in the exact direction you wish to laminate the hairs in. 

Step #2 - Apply a pea-size amount of Brow Code Lustre Step 1 - Brow Perming Solution to one brow at a time using a dry cotton tip. Take care to keep the solution to the hair area only. Cover brows with Brow Wrap to ensure the hairs are fixed in an upright position. Leave for 5-9 minutes (see hair timing guide below).

Step #3 - Remove the Brow Wrap and remove Step 1 with a dry cotton tip. Apply a pea-size amount of Step 2 - Brow Fixing Solution to both your brows with a new cotton tip. Cover again using Brow Wrap to fix the hairs into place. Leave on for 5-9 minutes.

Step #4 - Remove the Brow Wrap and remove Step 2 with a dry cotton tip. If desired, here is when you would apply Brow Code Tint, we suggest using the 122 Define & Line Brush for application of colour and leave tint for a shorter period of time as the lamination process will make hair porous. 

Step #5 - Apply Step 3 - Brow Keratin Nourish to both your brows. Use a generous amount to ensure this is applied to the hair and the skin. Remove after 2 hours with a dry cotton tip or pad.

​Step #6 - Use Brow Gold Oil to nourish the skin and hair daily. This will prevent your hair from drying out and curling. Purchase Brow Gold separately.

Timing Guide

Very Thin or Fine Brow Hairs: 5 - 7 Minutes 

Medium or Normal Brow Hairs: 7 - 8 Minutes

Coarse or Stubborn Hairs: 8 - 9 Minutes

Brow Lamination Aftercare

Important Note: The new brow design and shape takes up to 48 hours for the bonds to lock into place and cure, which is why it is important to complete the correct aftercare for 24hours post-treatment.

Do’s & Dont’s 24 Hours Post-Treatment:

  • Keep brows dry. 
  • Use Brow Code Gold Brow Growth Oil daily.
  • Do not apply make-up or undertake further eye treatments.
  • Avoid swimming/sauna/working out. Any excess moisture can cause a slight curl/frizz to the brow hair.
  • Do not allow prolonged exposure to direct sunlight or heat.
  • Do not apply Retin-A, AHA or exfoliate around the brow area for 72 hours either side of the treatment.
  • No self-tanning products should be used on the face for 48 hours prior and 48 hours after treatment.
  • If any stinging or swelling occurs, apply a cold compress to soothe and seek medical advice. 


Aqua, ethanolamine, thioglycolic acid, cetearyl alcohol, sodium coceth-30 sulfate, ammonia, dimethylbenzyl carbinol


Aqua, sodium stannate, hydrogen peroxide, sodium phosphate, dibasic dodecahydrate, cetearyl alcohol, dimethylbenzyl, carbinol

Keratin Nourish: 

Portulaca oleracea extract, sunflower seed oil, chysanthellum indicum extract, sophora flavescens root extract, phtassium hydrogen phosphate, tirethanolamine, hydroxybencyl, sodium hyaluronate, aqua

Lustre Lamination Adhesive:

Water, propylene glycol, ethanol ,1,3-butanediol, ethylhexylglycerin, acrylates/laurylacrylate/stearylacrylate/ethylamine oxide methacrylate copolymer, polyvinyl alcohol,vinylalcohol polymer, pyp

Laminate Your Brows

Brow Code Brow Lamination is designed to straighten the brow hairs, resulting in instantly full, lifted & fluffy brows.

Lasts up to 6-8 weeks on the brows hairs.

Laminate Your Brows

Brow Code Brow Lamination is designed to straighten the brow hairs, resulting in instantly full, lifted & fluffy brows.
Lasts up to 6-8 weeks on the brows hairs.